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Description and Features
Bond EP-01 is one type of fusion Bonded Epoxy powder coatings. The coatings provide corrosion protection for pipeline systems used in the production, transportation, and distribution of oil, gas, water, and petroleum products. FBE is used to coat the interior and exterior of pipe and field-weld joints, as well as the interior of tubing and fittings.
FBE Pipeline coating has the following advantages: 
    1. Easy to apply, repair and maintain
    2. High resistant to cathodic disbonding 
    3. Good adhesion to metal substrate
    4. Excellent corrosion resistant and mechanical properties
    5. Easy application in existing coating plant
    6. High bendability and flexibility
    7. Wide working temperature range from -30℃~100℃
    8. Meeting the requirements of CJ/T120-2008

Bond EP-01 Coating procedure
The pipe shall not be contaminated with organic impurities such as grease, oil or color prior to the blasting step because the blasting material might be contaminated as well.
Blast- cleaning
Proper cleaning is a pivotal aspect of any powder finishing system to obtain the desired functional and mechanical characteristics of the powder coating. The pipe must be shot blasted to Near White steel ensuring a proper profile(40-100µm) for powder adhesion. After blasting, use an air knife , which is the most important step to remove excess grit, dust and other foreign matter.
The fresh steel surface with its high activity should be coated as soon as possible. Pipes delayed beyond 4 hours, or pipes showing any visible rust stains, shall be blast cleaned again.
The pipe pass through an induction coil or gas oven via a conveyor system for preheating. Temperature of the rebar should range between 230°C to 240°C.
Bond EP-01 powder can be applied either cold by Electrostatic Powder Spray (EPS) followed by a heat-treatment for fusion and curing, or by hot application.
·     By EPS the preheated pipe continue on the automatic conveyor and pass through the spray booth. Electrostatic guns, spray the pipe interior or exterior, spray the powder ensuring uniform coverage.
Cure Specifications:
The Bond EP-01 powder cures by residual heat.
The curing temperature is between 230°C to 250°C °C, not exceeding 260°C. Lower temperature of the steel reduces the adhesion of the coating on the metal.
After curing the coated pipe could be cooled down naturally or quench by cool water rapidly. This is carried out by a series of shower heads spread along the path of the conveyor as the pipe exits the spray booth. After cooling down to room temperature,check the leak point with the electrosparking testing.
The types of Bond EP-01
EP-01N applied in coating the pipe interior meeting the requirement of CJ/T120-2008;
EP-01NS especially designed for coating the interior of potable water;
EP-01W applied in coating the pipe exterior;
EP-01 FBE coating the interior of the pipe
EP-01 FBE coating the exterior of the pipe
Coating repair
These procedures shall contain as a minimum:
- Repair of surface defects;
- Repair of holidays, scratches and small defects (e.g. using a melt stick);
- Repair of damages due to quality control testing, typically adhesion testing, impact testing
and film sampling;
- Removal of rejected coating and cleaning the pipe to the required standard for recoating;
- Testing to prove the effectiveness of the repairs.
Bond EP-01 powder properties

EP-01NEP-01NSpowder properties
Color                                                STD color is grey,also designed by Customer
Appearance                                    Uniform color, no agglomeration                     Check by eyes
Gravity(25℃)                                  1.3~1.5g/cm3                                                      GB/T 4472-1984
non volatile content                       >99.4%                                                                  GB/T 6554-1986
PSD(%)                                      >150µm bellow 3.0;>250µm bellow 0.2      GB/T 6554-1986
 flowability                                       22~28mm                                                             GB/T 6554-1986
magnetic substance content     <0.002%                                                                 GB/T 2482-1986
Gel time(230℃)                            230℃≤60s  200℃≤120s  180℃≤180 s          GB/T 6554-1986
Curing time(230℃)                      230℃≤1.5 min 180℃≤5 min                             SY/T0315-97

EP-01N(EP-01NS) coating specification
Item Specification Results
Film thickness(µm) Drag reduction pipeline ≥50 SY/T 0442-97
Anticorrosion pipeline Nomal ≥250
Strengthen ≥350
Impact resistance(J) ≥11 SY/T 0442-97App. A
Abrasive resistance(1000g,1000转)(mg) ≤20 GB/T 1768-1979
Bending resistance(40) No crack SY/T 0442-97App. C
Volume resistivity(Ω.m) ≥1×1013 GB/T 1410-1989
Adhesion Pull-off test(Mpa) ≥19.6 GB/T 5210-1985
Tripping method(级) 1~3 SY/T 0442-97App. B
Electrical strength(MV/m) ≥30 GB/T 1408-1989
Cathodic disbonding(65℃.48h)(mm) ≤8 SY/T 4013-95
Salt spray(1000h) No big changing GB/T 1771-1991
Chemical resistance
( room temperature)
10% HCl,90d No changing GB/T 1763-1979
10% H2SO4,90d
3.5% NaCl,90d
10% NaOH,90d
  No changing GB/T 1733-1993
Crude oil,80℃,90d
Diesel oil,90d
Kerosene, 90d

 EP-01W coating specification
Item Specification Results
Film thickness(µm) Nomal
≥300 GB/T 0315-2005
24h or 48h Cathodic disbonding (mm) ≤6.5 GB/T 0315-2005 App. C
28d Cathodic disbonding (mm) ≤8.5 GB/T 0315-2005 App. C
Chemical resistance Pass GB/T 0315-2005 App.I
Void ratio classes(Classes) 1~4 GB/T 0315-2005 App.D
Bond surface porosity(Classes) 1~4 GB/T 0315-2005 App.D
Three-point loading No crack GB/T 0315-2005 App.E
Impact resistance(1.5J,-30℃) No leak dot GB/T 0315-2005 App.F
Electrical strength(MV/m) ≥30 GB/T 1408.1
Volume resistivity(Ω.m) ≥1×1013 GB/T 1410
Adhesion after 24h(Classes) 1~3 GB/T 0315-2005 App.G
Wear resistance of falling sand method(L/µm) ≥3 GB/T 0315-2005 App.J

Health and Safety
Bond EP-01 powder coatings can generally be regarded as inherently non-toxic. However, the protective equipment should be considered, such as worksuit and gloves etc.
Powder on the skin should be washed off using soap and water. Powder in the eyes should be washed out with water for 15 minutes. Ovens should be exhausted to atmosphere.

Storage and Packaging
Packaging: Cardboard boxes – 25kg, two PE bag liner
Shelf Life @ 25°C (77°F):   12 months
Store in a cool, dry area.
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