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Bond HT heat transfer powder coating

Product description:
A new system of powder coating has been developed specially which will accept inks and dyestuffs applied under the heat transfer technology. By the means of heat transfer, almost all kinds of wood grain and some marble effect could be availed after spraying Bond HT powder coating. It is very suitable for the decorating of the aluminum profile and furniture application. Bond HT powder can possess the finish excellent mechanical properties, good weather ability and more clear woody pattern comparing with the competitive powder.
Features and applications:

    1、Can spray on all shapes of aluminum profiles, also better on the flatting surface.
    2、Suitable application for the furniture and architectural aluminum components, for example, door, windows, and so on.
   3、Gives good weather ability, ensure the long terms service on the coated object surface. 
   4、Almost all kinds of woody can avail by the methods of heat transfer, very similar and very good decoration. 
   5、Easy operating and easy peeling off the transfer paper.
   6、Products comply with GB/T5237.4-2008 and HG/T2006-2006

Shelf life: Store under cool, dry conditions. It is recommended that the material be used within 12 months of certification below 30℃. It should be rechecked the quality if expire.
Pretreatment: in order to get the best adhesion, the substrate should be treated properly.

Phosphate pretreatment for iron substrate;
Chromate pretreatment for aluminum substrate.
Applying technology: can be applied by manual or automatic electrostatic or tribo spray equipment. Unused powder can be reclaimed and recycled through the coating system
Curing schedule and the key point of the heat transfer:
Bond HT heat transfer powder should be curing 10℃ higher above the normal polyester powder. It is recommended that the baking temperature be 210℃@10min ( metal temperature). The woody color could be adjusted by the heat transfer over temperature. The heat transfer time are range from 3 to 5 minutes.
Bond HT heat transfer powder specification

Items Specification
Gardner 60ºGloss 15% to 90%
Adhesion Gt. 0
Cylindrical bending 3mm*
Impact resistance 30-50kg.cm
Erichsen indentation 4-7mm
Buchholz hardness ≥80
Salt spraying, No corrosion more than 4mm  from scribe after 1000h
Accelerated weathering
Tubes: xenon arc lamp
△E< 5,Gloss retention ≥50%
No chalking, no peeling off,
after 1000h
Humidity resistance No blistering, no film deterioration after 1000h
10%HCl resistance
Solvent resistance,30times
Boiling water resistance
No blister, no change
≥ Gt 3
No blister,no peeling off

* The test result maybe have a little change according to the film thickness and gloss。

* Remarks:The applicator should choose the transfer paper which is light fitness, so that the weatherability could be guarantee.

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